Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Chili-Chocolate Martini

--- ♪ “Happy Birthday To Me.

Happy Birthday to Me.

Happy Birthday, Dear Chri--♫--issss,

Happy Birthday To Me.” ♪ ---

Okay, so it’s my birthday. And every good birthday-boy deserves cake, right? I am no different. Only problem is, I have never been a big cake eater. BUT what if that cake was made of vodka and chocolatey liqueurs? AND what if that vodka-and-liqueurs-cake also had the punch of spicy cayenne pepper?

I give you The Chili-Chocolate Martini. (I repeat, “Happy birthday to me!”)

The Recipe:

While chilling a large martini glass, into a cocktail shaker of ice:

- Add a 3 count of Van Gogh Pomegranate Vodka

- Add a 3 count of Godiva Chocolate Liqueur

- Add a “sploosh” of Creme de Cocoa

- Add a squirt of Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup

- Add a “generous” pinch of cayenne pepper, (tolerance depending!)

- Shake Exhuberantly!

- Drizzle chocolate syrup around the inside of the now-chilled martini glass,

- Strain into the drink into the chocolatey martini glass

- Ganish with a cherry.

Original recipe by Joe the Bartender, Passage to India restaurant, Salem, MA

Bartender’s Notes: The first recorded chili-chocolate recipe stems from the Aztecs, they produced a hot chocolate drink from cocoa beans and ground dried chillies.

I am sure that a few of the more inventive Aztecs threw in a sploosh of tequila, especially on a first date. (Did Aztecs date?)

I found my inspiration for the Chili-Chocolate Martini while visiting my favorite Boston chocolatier. He had made a pomegranate chili chocolate truffle.

I instantly thought, I could make a drink from that. Et Voila! The Chili-Chocolate Martini!

Chris’s notes: The cayenne pepper starts out as a delayed aftertaste from the first sip, providing a very subtle tingling. With the following sips, however, this taste is far more pronounce, and really opens the taste buds up for a total immersion in the creamy chocolisciousness. One of the best birthday cakes I’ve ever had.

Incidentally, the making of this drink at the bar caused no fewer than four other people to order one right then and there.

Nobody was disappointed for following this impulse.

Salud, Chris

Further cocktail-napkin scribblings: Joe thinks that the The CCM could use a catchy name! Kerry, (dedicated research partner/sister,) has proven herself adept in this area, (see "Lucky Monkey.") Joe suggested "Sunday School Teacher" due to the drink's primary characteristics; sweet, yet hot!

Any name suggestions will be considered and voted on by a panel of enthusiasts, (and we'll try to do it early in the evening!) The best suggestion will officially become the new name of this concoction and its author mentioned here, highly.

Okay, plus, I'll buy you a round some Friday night.



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  2. Thanks for the tip! I'll check it out!