Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Black Lagoon

The whole bar was very excited the day that the Kraken Rum arrived. A black, spiced rum, in, let's face it, a WAY cool bottle, all present wanted a drink that featured this as it's prime ingredient. Joe didn't make any that night, instead deciding to reflect on the matter. After much meditation, (a day or two,) he said to me, "I need some falernum."

"I know a guy who can get any of that stuff," I told him, "but he doesn't like strangers."

Joe explained, patiently, that although he didn't know what I was mistaking falernum for, I was wrong, and it was nothing illegal. "Falernum," he went on, "was a syrup used in tropical-style rum drinks with flavors of ginger and lime."

As it turns out, it wasn't all that difficult to get, and in no time, a recipe featuring the newly acquired falernum, and the long drooled-over Kraken Rum was assembled and ready.

During its debut, (mixed up special for me, thank you very much!) no fewer than four more were ordered and zealously consumed, all before 6:00 PM! Not bad for an opening night.

The Recipe:
Into a tumbler of ice, add:

- A 4 count of Kraken Black Rum
- a 1 ½ count of falernum
- the juice from ½ of a freshly squeezed lime,

- Shake viciously,

- strain into a 10 ounce brandy snifter filled with fresh ice

- garnish with a wedge of lime

Joe the Bartender's notes: The Black Lagoon is a drink I have both recently discovered and enjoyed. It came about one evening while I was walking home. One of my younger, (and more attractive,) local costumers was standing outside a bar smoking her licorice cheroot. She greeted me enthuasiasticly and insisted I join her and her boyfriend inside for a drink. Not wishing to disappoint, and having an insatiable thirst I agreed.

The bar was very dark and crowded and as my eyes adjusted to my new surroundings it became apparent that I had entered into a "Goth Night". Everyone was dressed in black. I saw a great many had partial tattoos crawling out from beneath their clothing. I could only imagine what piercings lay beneath. (Only to say that I imagine a strong magnet would have drawn quite a crowd.)
My young friend was drinking what looked to me like swamp water. On inquiry she told me it was a Black Mojito. That is a Mojito made with "Kraken" black rum, pointing out a bottle of Kraken at the bar. Althought he drink looked quite awful it actually tasted rather good. I chose a Kraken and ginger beer and settled back to watch the nights events. A number of both male and female Goths where on the dance floor, which rather impressed me as i didn't realize that the "living dead" could actually dance. Finishing with a Kraken on the rocks I hurried home, (before daybreak,) to investigate this rum further.

The following evening, I arrived at work armed with a list of Kraken cocktails to present to the panel of experts, (see last weeks post.) The Black Lagoon came out lead favorite. I had found a variation of the Black Lagoon listed as a "Royal Bermuda Yacht Club Cocktail."

It didn't appear to have a name other than that so we decided to name it. Chris came up with the rather fitting name of the Black Lagoon.

Before I end a note on the Falernum. I have used both the syrup and the 11% alcohol versions. In my opinion the Falernum with alcohol makes for a better drink (No surprise there). You may only be able to find the syrup at your local bottle store and that is fine.

You will still be able to make the Greatest Drink in the World....This Week.

Chris the Barfly's notes: The Black Lagoon , (the cocktail, that is,) suits the Kraken, (the rum,) extremely well. This rum itself has flavors of ginger, cinnamon, and cloves in it which combine with the almond, ginger and lime flavors the falernum in an almost perfect proportion, (half a lime later, and it IS prefect proportion!)

Since the day that Joe first brought in the Kraken, and we got a little smell, a little taste, I had been very anxious to try whatever recipe would be developed around it. It was worth the wait.

My first Kraken-based cocktail experience may not have had the same amount of "guy-liner" as Joe's did, but I don't feel like I was shortchanged.


"...once by man and angels to be seen,   In roaring he shall rise..." - The Kraken, Lord Alfred Tennyson, 

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