Thursday, July 1, 2010

Blue Lagoon

The summer "dog days" seem to be upon us. Cocktails now have the responsibility of cooling us down, and making us feel like we are on a tropical vacation, as well as tasting great.
The exotic-looking, (and exotically named,) classic cocktail, The Blue Lagoon, does this with ease.

The Recipe:
Into a cocktail shaker full of ice,

- Add a 3 count of Svedka Citron vodka
- Add a 2 count of Blue Curacao
- Add a "sploosh" of Pineapple juice

- Fill with ice

- Shake! Shake like the wind!

- Strain over fresh ice,

- Top with a splash of lemon/lime soda

- Garnish with a lemon wedge and a cherry, (paper umbrella option but highly recommended!)

Chris's Notes: The original Blue Lagoon, (cocktail, that is,) did not have the benefit of the added pineapple juice. Joe "punched" this up specifically for today's blog. Although, the more you add, the "turquoiser" your Lagoon gets, the taste also improves... In my opinion, anyways.

The finished product is a light and refreshing drink, cooling one down nicely on a hot summer's day, but friendly enough for "less seasoned" tolerances, (A.K.A.,"lightweights.")
I immediately thought of frequent guest researcher, Sharon Mc as I drank this. Sharon primary role on the research team is to review the lighter cocktails, just like this one. However, that being said, I could very easily see myself enjoying a couple of these big, blue refreshments as the temperature climbs!

Joe's Notes: The Blue Lagoon, although it may not be considered a true classic, is certainly a retro cocktail. It is a light, very refreshing, summer drink. For my Fourth of July cookout, I will be serving pitchers of the Blue Lagoon, along with some chilled Italian semi-sparkling red and white wines. Yes, I did say chilled red wine, and Yes, I do celebrate the Fourth of July.

As many of you know, I am a Brit, but I do consider myself American by choice. By this I mean that although I was not born in the US. I have made the choice to live here over my country of birth. Now, how patriotic is that?! (Although I must admit that I was cheering for the English soccer team over the USA during the World Cup.)

The Blue lagoon was very popular during the early eighties in London partly due to that awful New Romantic movement.

For some bizarre reason "men" thought it was cool to dress in pirate/swashbuckling frilly shirts and tight black pants. Wearing heavy make-up they would pose in the clubs drinking Blue Lagoons.The nightclub lights caused the Blue Lagoon to light up like a light-saber from Star Wars.
Thankfully, I can honestly say I was never part of this group, (I can't speak for Chris, though)

The other image of the Blue Lagoon from the eighties is of the lovely Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins frolicking around on the beach on a sun drenched island. The movie, although not very good, did have some surprisingly memorable moments.

So whether you drink the Blue Lagoon as part of your Fourth of July celebrations, dressed as Adam Ant, (which, by the way, was the name of an urinal manufacturer in England,) or frolicking on the beach with Brooke Shields, I hope you enjoy it, (the drink that is).

Have a great Fourth.

And, lucky you, the Greatest Video in the World... This Week is is also big and blue: We Got It All. But it is much harder to describe, (and even more difficult to swallow!)


  1. erm, I was NEVER a New Romantic...but I've got to admit that a Blue Lagoon was actually the first cocktail I ever drank...on the Greek island of Corfu circa 1983....oh s**t..maybe I was a New Romantic and just didn't realise???

  2. that wasn't Jan Brady

  3. No worries, Guy, as long as you aren't STILL a New Romantic!

  4. Bren,
    No, that was the "Fake Jan" for the Brady Bunch Variety Hour. With a grand total of only nine episodes ever made, (about 8 too many!), it doesn't really matter who played Jan, does it?

  5. The blue lagoon video is impressive. Who doesn't love Rem Lezar?