Thursday, October 21, 2010

Zaya Zinger

This week, I met up with Research Partner, Kerry, at The Adriatic, a Salem restaurant, conveniently located right next door to Joe's court at The Passage. The bartender was introduced to me as Katrina of Katrina and the Waves, (and I am still not sure if she was the real one or not!)
But, she did dazzle me with this week's offering: The Zaya Zinger.

The Recipe: Into a whiskey sour glass add:

- a 3 and 1/2 count of Zaya Spiced Rum
- 2 large slices of fresh orange

- Muddle that! C'mon! Like you mean it!

- Add a pile of ice,

- Finish with a good splash of tonic,

- Garnish with a slice of orange.

Original recipe by Katrina (of the Waves,) at The Adriatic, Salem, MA

Katrina's Notes: Tripping to Trinidad?
West Indian wonders.
Warm waves undulating upon your tongue,
Tickling & tantalizing...
Zaya Zinger

Chris's Notes: Poetry? For real? There's a touch of class we don't see often on this site!
Now do you see why I STILL am not certain if this is or isn't the REAL Katrina from that "Walking on Sunshine" band of 1983?

Anyways, as I approached the bar, Katrina asked me what I would like to drink. I love this question! It provided me with the chance to toss out my usual pitch, "What cocktail are you most proud of?"
After a little Q&A from Katrina to find out what kind of mood I was in, she mixed up a few of the above-listed ingredients, and presented this week's offering to me.

"So, whaddya call this?" I asked her.
Her first response, a "Christopher Caress," wreaked of shmooze, and, as flattered as I found that, I pushed her to assign a moniker less personal; one for the masses to appreciate. After its primary ingredient, and Katrina's fondness for alliteration, she went with the "Zaya Zinger."

I am convinced that if bartenders were a dog breed, they'd be hounds. I say this only because I've been shown repeated, (to my good fortune,) that bartenders have some of the strongest brand loyalty when it comes to their favorite spirits. When I steered Katrina towards a rum-based cocktail, (as I am a BIG fan of rum!) she was quick to grab the bottle of Zaya, shelved conveniently at her arm's length. She went fluidly into its history and point of origin, (Trinidad,) and even passed the bottle so we could inspect it, olfactorily.

Now, when a chef presents their favorite meal, it is bound to be good. The same, more often than not, holds true with a bartender's favorite drink.
That is why I usually counter the "what'll it be?" with my own quality-seeking query.

That is also why the Zaya Zinger is this week's "Greatest Drink in The World."

Thanks, Katrina!


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