Thursday, November 12, 2009

Chivas Sour

The following recipe is starts with a traditional 'Whiskey Sour' but gets the 'Joe the Bartender' tweak of improvement easily bringing it to join the Greatest Drink in the World... This Week.

The Recipe:

Into a tumbler full of ice, add

- The juice of 1/2 of a large lemon,
- A teaspoon of 'simple syrup',
- A 4 count of Chivas Regal,
- A tablespoon of fresh egg white

- Shake vigorously.

No! Shake more vigorously than that!

- Pour into a brandy balloon, (shown,) or a highball glass over FRESH ice.

- Float a 2 count of Cointreau on top

- Garnish with a cherry and/or a wedge of lemon.

Recipe by Joe the Bartender, Passage To India Restaurant, Salem, MA

Bartender's notes: Joe explained how he fails to see the logic behind using ready-made 'sour mixes' when fresh ingredients like fresh lemon and sugar are so easily attainable. Why add all those preservatives when simplicity improves the flavors.

Further comments from the bar: Egg whites were traditional in sour mix drinks before the panic of salmonella, botulism, H1N1, et cetera, became the norm. "If you live in fear, omit the egg white!"

Chris' notes: I dig the whole retro approach to this baby. The fresh ingredients are immediately apparent, and make me feel good about a 'healthier approach' to cocktails. And that fine balance between the sour and the whiskey flavors is so stinkin' good! There is no egg taste, for those who feel there might be, but the egg white, (and the vigorous shaking of it,) does provide a bit more 'body' to the drink, giving it a nice, fuller consistency. Well worth that extra step.

Here's mud in yer eye! - Chris

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