Thursday, January 7, 2010

The East Side Press

During a recent "staff meeting," it was noticed that our running poll, (those blue bars mid-way down the left side of the blog; Little more... There it is!) reflected a popularity in Brandy! In fact, Brandy ranked in second place, tied with vodka! And yet, The Greatest Drink In The World... This Week has no brandy drinks in its repertoire! This must be rectified!

Here then, now, to remedy this injustice is this weeks Greatest Drink: The East Side Press.

The Recipe:

While chilling a large martini glass, into a cocktail shaker full of ice, add:

- The juice of 1/4 of a large lemon,

- a 3 count of Cognac,

- a 2 count of Canton Ginger Liqueur,

- a teaspoon of brown sugar,

- a teaspoon of egg white,

- 4 drops of Angostura Bitters,

- Shake fervently!

- Strain into the now-chilled martini glass,

- Garnish with a large slice of fresh, juicy, orange.

Bartenders Notes: In searching for the perfect brandy-based cocktail for this week’s “Greatest Drink,” I was reminded of a regular patron from not too long ago.

It was every Friday evening, one of my favorite costumers would come into the bar; we’ll just call her, “Diva.” She’d arrive clad in faux-leopard skin or some other equally flamboyant attire, sparkling with diamonds and dripping with gold, and perch herself at her regularly reserved bar stool.

"Something delicious, Joey," she’d say, with a flirtatious little smirk and a little wave of her fingers. She’d voice nothing in particular as to what the ingredients she wanted, but always preferred a drink that's color matched her chosen outfit of the evening.

I had a special repertoire of drinks put aside just for her visits and it was from this selection that I first presented her with the East Side Press by Xavier Herit. With its rich ingredients of cognac and Canton, I felt that it would be a suitable cocktail to present to Miss Diva.

I recall the first time her well-manicured hands raised the glass to her lips and the response she gave after tasting it: “Oooh, Joey!

Even the strongest man’s knees would have quivered.

The schoolboy smile of pride was still warm on my face as the first of a chorus of "I'll have one of those, please," came from her envious and/or curious co-patrons.

Diva never did ask for the East Side Press by name, but, (and maybe this is just my imagination, but,) she did seem to be dressed more frequently in colors that matched it.

Chris' Notes: Upon first tasting, one notices that this is a strong cocktail, (in fact, research partner this week, my wife, Cheryl, felt it a little too strong for her less-seasoned palette.)

Yes, this drink is very strong, but also very sweet, (Hey! Just like me!) In fact, the strength and the sweetness of this cocktail are in such well-balanced proportion that they seem to meet, like destiny-bound lovers in a special place; a placed talked of only in fairy tales and legends...

I'm sorry. I digress.

As I was saying, the warmth of the brandy mixes really nicely with the sweet ginger and brown sugar, (and don't underestimate the influence of that slice of orange, either!) and the result is a great, delicately complex, and uncommon dessert/after dinner cocktail.

Enjoy & Cheers, Chris

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  1. YUMMY!!! Nothing like a small nightcap after pudding eh? :)

  2. You said a mouthful! And that "Banoffee Pie" recipe looks like the perfect treat to accompany it!