Thursday, January 21, 2010

Gilligan's Island

The "research team" of Kerry, Cheryl, and your humble author took to the road this week. Our explorations brought us to a local Japanese restaurant in Downtown Salem call "Asahi," where manager and resident Mixologist, Jerri, treated us to one of her signature brews, the Gilligan's Island, (and I will try to not let my fixation on the show, or my torrid, (and entirely fictional,) romantic past with actress Ginger Grant impede my write-up!)

The Recipe:
Into a cocktail shaker full of ice add:

- 2 count 99 Bananas banana liqueur,
- 6 count pineapple juice
- A splash of cranberry juice

- Shake "Gingerly!"

- Strain into a large glass filled with fresh ice

- Garnish with a slice of orange and perhaps a cherry,

Original recipe by Jerri @ Asahi Japanese Restaurant, Salem, MA

Bartender's Notes: Especially at this time of year, when it's cold and dreary, a little tropical getaway is so nice. This is a refreshing drink that can give you just a little taste of that.

Chris's Notes: Asahi's lack of an actual bar area was more than made up for by sitting at one of the Japanese Habachi tables, watching my food get flipped around and cooked before my eyes. I felt a little backwards, though, as the Gilligan's Island tastes exactly what I always imaged Mary Ann's Banana Cream Pie to taste like, and here is me eating, I mean drinking it before dinner. This would, therefore, be an awesome after-dinner refreshment, not too strong, but with a really different and tasty flavor.

"So rich! If it were a republican it would perfect!"


  1. Hi, Chris. I just finished a post about cool Brazilian drinks and would like to invite you to check it -

  2. Hey, thanks, Regina!
    I just checked it out! Some good stuff, there.

    And of course the Caipirinha! We have a recipe for that on here, too. I would love the opinion of an expert on Brazilian drinks such as yourself on our recipe!