Thursday, August 26, 2010

Down & Dirty

A new twist on a classic cocktail is our offering this week, and the first-born of the new Passage Lounge.

The Recipe:
While chilling a large martini glass, fill a cocktail shaker with ice and add:

- A 6-count of Grey Goose Vodka,
- 2-3 teaspoons of olive juice, (bottled!), or to taste,

Stir, (NOT shaken!)

Strain into the now-chilled martini glass

Garnish with two Goya® brand jalapeño-stuffed olives

Chris's Notes: I am certain that the more astute readers of The Greatest Drink In The World... This Week have noticed the lack of a recipe posted last week. Our apologies for this omission, but while I was away on vacation, it appears that Joe also took some time off to travel.
This won't happen again, I assure you.

Upon our respective returns from traveling the world, (in search of cocktail ideas!), we were greeted with the opening of the all-new Passage Lounge! Yes, Passage to India restaurant, former home to Joe the Bartender's cocktail creation laboratory, has expanded to include this new British/Indian bar.

The Passage Lounge, (..."exciting and new. Come aboard! We're expecting you!") had its first creation in this week's drink recipe, inspired by a cocktail that Joe enjoyed whilst globetrotting with his entourage.
The strange thing about this drink is that it was made after its name. Joe is a major fan of the martini, (don't listen to anything he says to the contrary,) and I know, that he had been considering a new dirty martini for a spell.
Joe told me as I arrived that evening that the drink of the week was called a "Down & Dirty." And just from the name, (and possibly being too familiar with the way Joe thinks,) I guessed what the drink was comprised of.
If only for that reason, I am completely behind the inclusion of this entry. However, the fact that this martini has extra special taste bombs, (in the form of Goya® jalapeño-stuffed olives!), and a top shelf vodka like Grey Goose, it warrants listing as this week's Greatest Drink In The World!
Crisp and delicious, with a snap all its own!

Joe's Notes: As Chris has mentioned, The Passage to India, (A.K.A , HQ of TGDitWTW,) has expanded. Our new bar now has plasma TVs, an expanded seating area, and belly dances, (professionals, not just the panel of experts jiggling their things.)
On the night of our opening, my first customer was Lisa, a regular of the bar. She ordered a dirty martini. One of my more intellectual, but some what confused regulars, asked me what that was, and if he could have a "down and dirty." We liked the name and looked around the bar to see what we could come up with. I thought Grey Goose, (goose down,) and add dirty, I also decide to use a jalapeño-stuffed olive.
The result was amazing! And so the Down & Dirty was born and introduced as the first drink served in the new Passage Lounge.

I am sad to report that there is one down side to the new bar, and that is Delip, my long-time side-kick has not moved with me. He decided to remain in the main dining room. He visits from time to time, but it is not the same. I feel as if my eldest boy has moved out of the house. All parents/guardians know this is bound to happen one day, and all we can do is just hope that they have matured enough under your guidance to be both responsible and happy.

On a more cheerful note, I now have a new apprentice, the beautiful Miss "M". She arrived at the Passage Lounge just this week but has already started quite a stir with our regular guests. So a new chapter has opened at HQ.

One guest, (he was a little lubricated at the time,) referred to myself and M as John Steed and Emma Peel. I was naturally flattered. M, of course, is way too young to remember The Avengers. So, she got out her new-fangled phone and googled it. These contraptions are way beyond my comprehension and technical capabilities. Maybe the beautiful Miss "M" will be able to teach me a few things, as I share with her my years of knowledge tending bar.

I am really excited about this week's "barely-related video!" The only connection to this week's drink is that this video is equally difficult to describe, and somehow works, despite the ingredients!
I present Chacarron!


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