Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ginger Grant

Joe decided to prepare a tropical-style, "cabaña drink," made with Canton, one of his favorite liqueurs, with this week's this cocktail, that so reminded me of "The Movie Star."

Into a cocktail shaker full of ice, add:

- A 3-count of Cabo tequila
- A 3-counton of Canton Ginger Liqueur,
- A sploosh of Falernum

Squeeze the juice from one wedge of lemon and then a wedge of lime directly into the shaker,

Shake (like a tropical monsoon!)

- Strain over fresh ice,
- Top with a splash of soda

Garnish with a slice of orange and a maraschino cherry

Original Recipe by Joe the Bartender, The Passage Lounge, Salem, MA.

Chris's Notes: My fascination with actress Ginger Grant is well-known and well documented, but who could blame me? That gorgeous amber hair, that slinky walk, those curves, and of course, when that music came up and she was "turning on her charms," what man could resist her passion?

It just so happened that I was daydreaming about the lovely Ms. Grant, and a particular episode of Gilligan's Island, ('The Prodigal Husband ,' Season 3, Episode 31, in which Ginger's long-lost common-law husband finds her on the island,) when Joe presented me with this vision.

It's tall sexy shape, its deep rich color, exotic smells... I needed a taste. As I was kissing her, I mean sipping her, er, it, Joe began to tell me, "I decided on something with Ginger." He went on to list the other ingredients, (something about 'passion?') but I'd heard enough. I knew that this drink would be named after her. And in her honor!

The cocktail had a strong fruity sweetness, thanks primarily due to the passionfruit and Grenadine, but softened and sharpened by the ginger of the Canton. The sparkle of the soda, and the snap of the tequila round this out very nicely.

I was afraid at first, that this would be viewed as a "girly drink." I was conflicted. My thoughts tumbled in my head like underpants in a dryer with no Cling-Free. How could I, a big, burly, manly man, be enjoying a "girly drink?"

Of course! This was one of those cocktails that falls into a classification devoid of gender exclusivity! A tropical punch "Boat Drink!" A reminder that, despite schools being back in session, and a hurricane knocking on the door, it IS still summer. Cheers!

Oh, you may have noticed that Joe posted no notes this week. Actually, he had a very interesting and insightful tale with many an unseen twist! It was really some of his best writing.
Unfortunately, in his narrative, Joe hinted at a preference for Mary Ann in the show Gilligan's Island. WHAT!?!
Because of this, I felt it best to edit his entire commentary out this week.

That'll learn 'im.

Our weekly "Barely-Related Video" this week is actually quite related!
Watch with me now The Honey Bees with You Need Us!


  1. Hi Joe The Bartender Here,
    Yes I do have a preference for Mary Ann. Are we not all consenting adults here? I admit, I may have got a little carried away with my Island fantasy. I think Chris got upset when I suggested that Mary Ann beat me with my heavy bound cocktail guide(among other things).
    Anyway, I will speak to you next week.


  2. I just tried Ginger of the Canton, put it in Carrot Juice... it was pretty good. Trying this one next. Thanks.

  3. Hi, Pamela!

    Thanks for dropping by and leaving us a comment, (we do appreciate those here!)

    Carrot Juice!?! This is something we haven't done anything with... yet!
    Thanks for the idea!