Thursday, November 4, 2010

Guy Fawkes

So, Friday is November fifth.
Joe has a special treat in store for those familiar with the holiday associated with this date back in Great Britain. And a great cocktail it is, too!
Enjoy the "Guy Fawkes!"

The Recipe:

Into a cocktail shaker full of ice, pour:

- a 4 count of Bombay Sapphire Gin,
- a 2 count of Canton Ginger Liqueur,
- a 2 count of Orange Juice,

Shake viciously,

- Strain into a large martini glass,

- Drop in a single maraschino cherry

Original recipe by Joe the Bartender, The Passage Lounge, Salem, MA

Joe's notes: This week's cocktail is dedicated to the celebration in the U.K. of Guy Fawkes/Bonfire Night.
Depending on which side of the Atlantic you are reading this on, you may be unaware of the great celebration of November the 5th.

To give a short history lesson: a little over four hundred years ago Guy Fawkes attempted to blow up King James, (the 1st,) during the opening ceremonies at the House of Parliament in London. His plot was foiled.
He was arrested, taken to the tower of London, tortured and stretched on the rack. He was then hung, drawn and quartered and his decapitated head was displayed for all of London to see on traitors gate.

Every year the children in the U.K. celebrate by making an effigy of Guy. Similar to a scarecrow, old clothes are stuffed using newspaper, straw and rags. The"Guy" is then paraded around the neighborhood, usually in an old baby carriage, his head lolling back while his arms and legs hang over the side, depicting his torture.

The children call out "Penny for the Guy". The money collected is used to buy fireworks for the evenings events. Huge bonfires are built. When the day has turned to darkness the bonfires are lit, the sky is filled with fireworks and Guy is thrown on the bonfire to burn. Quite often effigy's of modern day religious or political figures are also thrown on the fires.

It is all a bit of harmless fun, although to see your own effigy burned on the fire most be quite unsettling.

I have very found memories of being a child in the U.K. standing with my family, chanting Guy Fawkes rhymes and watching the fires burn.

"Remember, remember, the Fifth of November! the Gunpowder Treason and Plot.
I see no reason why The Gunpowder Treason should ever be forgot..."

"Rumour, rumour, pump and derry! Prick his heart and burn his body,

And send his soul to Purgatory."

Enjoy your Guy Fawkes Cocktail.


Chris's notes: Yikes! This blog packs some educational value, anyways! (Even the teetotalers can benefit from reading here now and again!)

I gotta say, I really enjoyed this drink. I mean, sure, I know almost nothing about "Guy Fawkes" or the holiday that surrounds his story. In fact, I had never heard of it before Joe told me that he wanted to do a drink for it.

I did enjoy the creation process, though. Joe INSISTED on Gin, (for merry old England, of course,) with Bombay Sapphire being his Gin of choice.

He decided on Canton for a nice "Gin and Ginger" direction.

Orange Juice came about originally out of necessity: Joe wanted a drink that looked like fire, (the burning of the effigy, and all,) but worked so nicely together. And it was research regular, Michael B. who suggested dropping the cherry to the bottom for the final touch.

The outcome: Brilliant! The gin is the dominant flavor here, all tangy and sharp. The flavors of ginger and orange play such a pivotal role in cushioning the taste, though, that what you get is a collection of flavors in perfect balance.

Absolute yummers!

This week's "Barely-Related Video" is almost entirely unrelated to this week's drink. Just another example of "foreign." Try to enjoy... "Elektronik/Supersonik" by Vlad!


  1. Oh, it is "Yummmmmmmm!" Me-Me, and a number of them have been ordered since this posting. too!

    And not just by me, either!

  2. Loved the history lesson! :) Glad you enjoyed a drink on the Guy, but seriously Chris.... LMAO Where did you come up with this crazy video? LOL I loved it... really... Thanks for sharing! LOL