Thursday, September 17, 2009

Saint Margarita

For this blog's first entry, I am going with the "Saint Magarita."

This drink is a total refresher, unique in it's flavor, and possibly the best summer drink ever. Similar at first to your garden-variety Margarita, this drink takes a sharp left turn with the inclusion of St-Germain, a French liqueur made from elderflowers! (I have had this liqueur straight, too, and it really is a very delicate flavor; an accessible 40-proof pour that makes for the perfect bridge between the lime and the tequila. Nice.) The final product is a beverage that is extremely delicious and refreshing.

But margarita drinkers be warned; this is simply better.

The Recipe:

Starting with a chilled 16 ounce, pint glass,

- add 1 whole lime, quartered and squeezed,

- add 1 teaspoon of simple syrup, (more or less to taste,)

- add 1 four-count of St-Germain

- muddle the lime, sugar, and St-Germain,

- add 1 three-count Jose Cuervo Gold Tequila

- mix with bar spoon,

- fill the glass with ice,

- mix it a little more,

- add 1 "sploosh" of soda,

- garnish with lime.


Recipe by Joe The Bartender, Passage to India restaurant, Salem, MA

Bartender’s notes:

The original recipe calls for Silver tequila, but Joe prefers Jose's Gold tequila for a fuller tequila flavor!

Chris's notes:

This drink is pure yumminess. Like a big ol' glass of sunshine!

SALUD! -Chris

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