Saturday, September 12, 2009


Hello and welcome to “The Greatest Drink In The World... This Week.”

This idea for this blog came about whilst enjoying the encyclopedic variety of drink recipes at one of my favorite local watering holes, Passage to India, in Salem, Massachusetts, under the direction of weekend barkeep, ‘Joe the Bartender.’

Joe the Bartender has a long and illustrious career of mixology spanning decades and continents and has proven time and again to have extremely discerning tastes, and an understanding for the blending of flavors. He is a true “Booze Whisperer,” and the author of the lion’s share of the recipes contained, (or soon to be contained,) within this blog.

The drink mixes in this blog are either original recipes or interpretations of existing ones and should be read with that in mind. As individual drink tastes vary, the following of these drink recipes should also be done loosely and in accordance with each person’s preferences. Terms like “spritz," "dash,” or “splash” reflect that lack of precise measurement used in creating these drinks, so please, don’t get hung up on exactness. This is art; not science.

Moreover, should anyone be following any of these recipes, choose to make any changes to suit their personal tastes, and discover what they feel is an improvement, please share these changes for others to read in the comments sections.

Thank you and Cheers!


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