Thursday, September 24, 2009


This is one of the specialities of Passage to India restaurant's resident "Cocktails Guru," Joe the Bartender, and apparently a difficult drink to find done right. Unique and yummy, yes, but, take heed, a well-assembled Pimms is not a starter beverage. Despite its greenery, (or maybe, because of it!) this tasty little exotic sneaks up on you. Be forewarned!

The Recipe:

Begin with a 16-ounce, chilled pint glass

- fill with ice

- generously pour, (About 3 quarters to top,) Pimm's, (A.K.A. "Pimm's No. 1 Cup", a 50 proof, gin-based liqueur from the U.K.,)

- add a little Bombay Sapphire Gin, (I don't know, a good splash or two,)

- squeeze in the juice from one fresh lemon,

- squeeze in the juice from one fresh lime,

- add a sliver of fresh ginger,

- add a full, healthy sprig of fresh mint,

- add a slice of cucumber into the drink,

- add a slice of cucumber as garnish,

- add a slice of fresh green apple,

- top with a spritz of lemon/lime soda,

- finish with a fresh strawberry.

-Recipe by Joe the Bartender, Passage to India Restaurant, Salem MA

A row of Pimms-in-the-making...

Bartender’s notes:

-Pours vary to taste. Traditionally, you don’t add the extra gin. Joe prefers this, however, for a little added snap.

-The original recipe calls for ginger beer, but Joe feels this results in too sweet a drink, and opts for the slice of fresh ginger.

The preferred approach to this drink is to forego the straw and get your face right into the drink, sipping from the rim. This allows you to experience the various elements of mint, cucumber, and fruit in their fullest for total flavor immersion.

Chris's notes:

Watching the creation of a order for a Pimms is mesmerizing in itself. The first sight of one of these, with it's overflowing fruit, herbs, and vegetation, is immediately intriguing. But once you get past the "Cup o' Salad" and "garden-in-a-glass" jokes, (oh, and there will be "Cup-O'-Salad" jokes,) this is a really nice drink, different from anything else you've had, and one that never lets you down.

Cheers! - Chris

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