Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Screaming Me-Me

This week's cocktail recipe comes from a long time supporter of TGDitWTW, who decided to share a cocktail that got named after herself, The Screaming Me-Me!

Thanks, Me-Me!

The Recipe:

Prepare freshly-squeezed lemonade:
1 cup lemon juice, strained
1 cup sugar
1 quart water

Prepare iced tea (unsweetened) -
Orange pekoe/Black tea blend (or whatever your preference)

- Fill a large ice tea glass with ice,
- Pour in a mixture (½ & ½) of lemonade & tea, (your basic Arnold Palmer.)
- Leave about 1-1/2 to 2" of head space.

- Top with thinly sliced orange, lemon & lime slices, pineapple chunks, (if desired) and cherries.

- Slowly pour 1½ to 2 oz of
Kraken Rum, over the top of the fruit, (The original Me-Me suggests Myers Rum!)

MUY IMPORTANTE: Do NOT stir, let the rum simply work its way to the bottom on its own.

Chris's Notes: So, last summer, my sister Kerry I went out to Colorado and New Mexico visiting friends and family and looking for roadrunners. We had more than our fair share of tequila and green chiles. So when on that rare occasion of looking for a non-alcoholic beverage that captured the local flavors, Kerry reminded me of the Arnold Palmer.

Kerry used to live in Arizona and was familiar with this drink, I was not. I had my first at Albuquerque's Owl Cafe, and I dug it. I also immediately knew that there was plenty of room for experimentation with this as the base, and I brought my bag of ideas home to Joe at the Passage.
I had at first considered a whiskey component, when Passage regular, Diane, from the neighboring Lobster Shanty, told of a cocktail called "Arnold Palmer's Day Off," which took the iced tea & lemonade mix and introduced flavored vodkas.
Other suggestions were bandies about, but, as things often do, the Arnold Palmer-based cocktail slipped to a back burner, where it sat for a couple of months.

Meanwhile, on the Greatest Drink in the World...This Week's facebook group, a message from longtime friend of the blog, Me-Me, suggested sharing a cocktail that was named after her and was currently being served in an San Antonio bar.
How could I say no!?! I quickly copied out her recipe, thanked her profusely, and eagerly dashed off to see Joe...

Joe's notes: Chris has been banging on for some time now about making a cocktail using the Arnold Palmer as a base, (lemonade and iced tea mixed,) so it came as no surprise when he strode into the Passage Lounge gripping his drink recipe like the Holy Grail .

"The Screaming Me Me!" he declared. "One of the followers on the blog sent me this!" His face was contorted like some crazed T.V. evangelist! I prised away the sheet from his hands, "Lets give it a go," I said.

The original recipe called for Myers Rum, but I chose to use one of my favorites, Kraken Rum. The result was very good, and the Screaming Me Me was a screaming success in the Passage Lounge that evening.

On a completely unrelated note: Someone once said that there are only seven story lines in the world, and that every book ever written is a combination of those original seven plots. Now I don't know how true that is, but it got me to thinking about if the same could be said about cocktails. If this was so, then how many original cocktails are there?

Going off on that tangent, someone could make a computer program that contained every drink ingredient in known existence and randomly combine ingredients to make an never ending drink list. Now that would be an app I would buy!



This week's "Barely-Related Video" has it all: A blond "Pete Rose"-style haircut, an only-rudimentary grasp of the English language, and some totally funky cheerleader dance moves!

"I Want To Love You Tender " by Armi & Danny.


  1. Wow, what glowing reviews....I'm so glad you all enjoyed it. Thank you!

  2. No! Thank you! Delicious drink, and easy to make at home, too!