Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tequlia Red

Joe's in the "Custom Birthday Drinks" biz again this week, and mixing together a delicious new cocktail that is proving to be very popular, and not just for special occasions!

The Recipe:

While chilling a large martini glass, into a cocktail shaker full of ice, add:

- A 3 count of silver tequila
- 2 count of Ribena Blackcurrant cordial
- 1½ count of Grand Marnier,
- ½ fresh lime, squozen and then drop in the shell,

- Shake enthusiastically,

- Strain into a large martini glass,

- Garnish with a wedge of lime.
Original recipe by Joe the Bartender, The Passage Lounge, Salem, MA.

Joe's Notes: One of our regulars at the Passage Lounge is a young Welsh man. His favorite tipple is a Cider and Black. This is hard cider mixed with Ribena (blackcurrant cordial).

Ribena is used in a number of drinks in the UK, and is referred to as "black," as in Cider and Black, Rum and Black, Vodka and Black and so on and so forth.

So after stopping off at the supermarket to buy the Ribena for the Passage, I began to wonder what cocktail I could make with it.

While driving the 30 minutes to work, the rusty cogs in my head started to churn. As I have stated in past blogs, the process of making a drink usually starts with one ingredient and is built from there, in this case it was blackcurrant.

As in cooking, we look at combinations of flavors that we believe will compliment each other. Adding fleshly-squeezed lime to the blackcurrant seemed the logical first step. Thinking along the lines of a fruit salad , I then added the Grand Marnier. So now I had orange, blackcurrant and lime. The next step was to decide what liquor to add.

I mulled on the possibility of rum, but this seemed too obvious and I was worried that the drink would be to sweet. I also considered Cachaca, but felt that it was too close to rum. Looking again at my ingredients, I decided that the blackcurrant was paired with the orange liqueur, so I needed to pair the lime with something. No brainer: Tequila.

Not long after I had arrived at the Passage, Chris came ambling into the bar. "What do you have for us tonight, Joe" He asked in his usual jovial way. I began mixing my latest concoction, handing it to Chris I said "I have never actually made this drink before, it was purely written in my head on the way in." Chris looked a little dubious but poured the drink down his ever thirsty gullet anyway.

"Good one Joe, I really like it. What is it called?" One of the panel of experts, Birthday Boy Mike , said, "How about Tequila Red?"

And so a new drink was born.

Chris's Notes: Joe reminds me of Melville sometimes. Like that author, and in particular his unabridged version of Moby Dick, Joe likes to explore ALL the potential outcomes of a each and every subject before moving on to his next chapter. Instead of whales, and ships, and sailors and whatnot, with Joe, it is liquors and liqueurs that are scrutinized past the limit of most.
For instance, lately, there have been a few more crimson-hued cocktails floating about the bar. One of which was a cider & black, and another was the Rum and Black, and, of course, this week's entry, the Tequila Red, being yet another. It is this Blackcurrant cordial that Joe seemed to be exploring all the avenues of this week.

Well, this week's drink ALSO happens to fall on the birthday of Passage regular, and long-time researcher, Michael B. So Joe decided to mix him up a birthday drink.

Michael is a strong proponent of tequila-based drinks, and was really happy that Joe decided to go in that direction. And of course, Joe's new star, the Ribena Blackcurrant.
The result was a fresh and incredibly flavorful cocktail. The Tequila flavor was pleasantly dominant but tempered nicely with the medley of citrus and berries. And all that vitamin C means it MUST be good for you!

Almost-not-even-remotely-related video for the week is "Bad Rap" by Joe "King" Carrasco. I couldn't find anything that relates to the drink except it starts off with a guy in a sombrero.

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