Thursday, December 16, 2010

Our Favorites: Joe's Picks

It is approaching that time of year when we look back, and take stock of our lives.

Over the blog's lifetime, it has grown with the addition of "
pop-ups" and facebook, as well as more "bar chat".

Those of you that are regular visitors to this blog know that myself and Chris are the main contributors.

It was Chris that first instigated the blog, my contribution was merely to come up with the drinks and possibly add a bartender's note at the end. It is through the dedication of Chris, (I admit that I sometimes need a poke from Chris to keep up my end of the agreement,) that the Blog has been allowed to grow. Anyway, enough saying nice things about Chris (I am sure this is making him a little uncomfortable,) let's get on with the chat.

With the premise of looking back, I have chosen my three favorite cocktails from the blog.

The first is the Pimm's Cup, (September, 2009.)

I like this drink for a number of reasons. It looks good, tastes great and gives me the opportunity to tell my Pimms story while making the drink.

A number of years ago a retired butler to the Queen of England was selling some of his memorabilia from decades of service at the Palace. Amongst his possessions was a hand-written note from the Queen Mother about an upcoming picnic for the royal Family. At the end of the note she had underlined the statement "Don't forget to bring the Pimms."

My second choice is the Boston Tea Party, (October 2009.) I am rather proud of this drink, obviously it is a variation on theLong Island Ice Tea, only bettah, (Boston Joke.)

At the Passage Lounge, (H.Q. of the GDitWTW,) it is one of the most popular cocktails. I have had a number of local bartenders tell me that costumers come into their bars and ask for the Boston Tea Party.

My final choice is my all time personal favorite cocktail, the Bombay Sapphire Martini Straight up With A Twist, (February 2010.)

This cocktail is simple, clean, straightforward and leaves you feeling very satisfied. Very much like myself in many ways.


Joe the Bartender

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