Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Red Planet Martini

So, Senior Research Assistant, Kerry, and I meet up with long-time regular researcher, Sharon Mc. at The Lobster Shanty to "research" a new drink, (review for that one coming soon.)
While there, we hear from fellow patrons about this young bartender, Dan, over at The Adriatic , (yet ANOTHER Salem watering hole and site of a previous blog contribution, "The Zaya Zinger ,") who developed a new drink, a roasted red pepper martini.

Immediately intrigued, (bordering on salivating,) I decided to put The Adriatic on my route that evening!

The Recipe:

- Fill a two ounce shot glass with roasted red pepper. Pour this in a pint glass, and add:
- ¼ ounce of lemon juice,
- 2 dashes of Angostura Bitters,
- a pinch of salt.

Muddle all ingredients together. Go on! Muddle 'em!

- Add ice
- add one ounce Grand Marnier
- add 4 ounces of Tequila, (Dan uses Silver, but you could substitute Gold for mellower flavor.)

- Shake authoritatively,

- Strain through a screen into a chilled martini glass with a salted rim,

- garnish with a fresh basil leaf.
Original recipe by Dan MacLean, The Adriatic Restaurant, Salem, MA

So, I get to The Adriatic. When I saw Dan the Bartender, I called him over and said, "So I hear you've developed a new cocktail with roasted red pepper!"
He looked very surprised and said, "What? How? I just made that drink, like, twelve hours ago!"
I sorta relished the moment and bragged, "Well, I'm in the biz."
I insisted on ordering this new concoction, and was able to share (a LITTLE ,) with my co-researchers, and it was agreed that this was an unusual cocktail that was not only delicious, but something so different that it NEEDED to be in the blog!

I pulled Dan aside and asked him how he decided on Roasted Red Peppers. He told me that while working on a new idea for a cocktail, he began thinking about foods, in particular, how they work well together. Using the same principles, Dan went into the kitchen for inspiration and it was there that he came up with the roasted red peppers as a base ingredient. A little trial and error, (and a few willing tasters,) and the final product was The Red Planet Martini!

Now, I know what you're thinking, "Red Pepper Drink!?!"
But do not fear! Oh, this little red baby is very different, true! But, although very savory, the drink is still quite subtle in it's "vegetableness." I could easily see this become a 'house specialty' at The Adriatic, as it would compliment so many of their menu items.
And, like its name, outta this world!



This week's "Barely-related-video" this week is a post-mod swinger from outer-space hipster, Jet Screamer. Enjoy "Epp Opp Ork Ah-Ah!"

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