Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Flaming Pumpkin

For her New Year's resolution, Senior Research Assistant, Kerry, said that she wanted to do a bit more reviewing for The Greatest Drink in the World... This Week, so I can think of no better drink for her to do so with than the one that Joe made specifically for her birthday!

The Recipe:
Into a shot glass, (of whatever size you choose!) add equal parts:

- Light it on fire,

- Say your "oohs" or "ahhhs" as it warms the shot,

- Blow it out before drinking! (DO NOT OMIT THIS STEP!!!)

Kerry's notes: It was my birthday last Friday and I was greeted at the door to The Passage by the man himself. I got a warm happy birthday wish from Joe followed by an even warmer birthday shot.

The name alone, The Flaming Pumpkin, conjures up visions from the movies about the Legend of Sleepy Hollow, but the taste is like a delicious pumpkin pie minus the crust. It is actually flaming when served...thanks to the Goldschlager and the tastes warms from start to finish. The mixture of Kahlua, Bailey's and Goldschlager make a perfect combination for a wintry drink.

Though it is served as a shot, it is so good you quickly find you want to sip and enjoy every last bit of it. The warmth from the flame and taste help to ease the mind from the cold winter days.

Thanks for the birthday drink/shot Joe. I loved it!

Comments on The Flaming Pumpkin from other researchers:

"It warms your throat when you drink it. It's not that burning feel you get from straight alcohol though. It's a good warm."

"You think it's going to burn on the initial sip. Then you are pleasantly surprised. This is a great drink!"

"It's like Goldshlager followed by Yankee Candle."

Thanks for the comments Chris, Michelle, & Dee!



And a very special Barely-Related Video for Kerry's birthday: Eddie Murphy's
Happy Birthday, Kerry!
- C:

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