Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ginger Mojito

Start with something good, and add something good...

The Recipe:

Into a large, chilled 16-ounce pint glass:

- add squeezed wedge of lime,

- add the leaves of 2 whole stems of fresh mint,

- add 1/2 teaspoon of simple syrup,

- add 1 3-count of Canton, (French Ginger Liqueur,)

Muddle it, Oh! and Muddle it well!

- add a 3 count of white rum,

- Stir with a bar spoon,

- fill with ice, stir,

- add a “sploosh” of soda on top,

- garnish with lime and fresh mint.

Recipe by Joe the Bartender, Passage to India restaurant, Salem, MA

Bartender’s notes: As the drink sits, the flavors mellow to the point where each sip bathes your mouth in the tastes of fresh mint, tart lime, and tangy ginger. Mmmmm...

Chris's notes: This drink has a complex meeting of flavors that traditionally don't overlap. The ginger, mint and lime seem to each be struggling for supremacy of flavor at first, but settle into blend of tastebud-tingling goodness.

Salud! -Chris

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