Thursday, October 15, 2009

Joe's Cosmo

I asked Joe what the drink of the week was recently and he said “A Cosmo!”

What followed was a debate on what constitutes a “girlie-drink,” (and I stand by my description of a pink, fruity drink in stemware as “girlie.” But Joe insisted I try one, and actually won the argument by saying, “This blog isn’t just for men, is it?”

Joe continued with his pitch saying that people come from far and wide to order HIS Cosmo, and proceeded to whip me up one of these angry pink menaces...

The Recipe:

While chilling a martini glass with ice, into a cocktail shaker of ice;

- pour a 4 count of Svedka Citron

- pour a 3 count of Svedka Clementine

- pour a 1 count of Cointreau

- squeeze 1/4 of fresh lime

- add a “sploosh” of cranberry

- stir vigorously

- Strain into the now-chilled martini glass

- garnish with a wedge of fresh lime.

Recipe by Joe The Bartender, Passage to India Restaurant, Salem, MA

Bartender's notes: There are many kinds of flavored vodkas on the market, but Joe prefers Svedka because he feels that it has the least synthetic taste to it.

Chris’s notes: I sat there there in the bar drinking what I STILL believe to be a girl’s drink, I must admit it is a pretty strong one... Sorta like pink lemonade but with a serious axe to grind. Joe concedes that it may have the reputation of being a girlie drink, but when purchased for women, it may also lead to a “loosening of the knickers’ elastic!”

I’ll drink to that.


  1. Joe has great taste in Vodka though. Here we find Svedka on the cheap shelf, a store employee turned us onto it. He said dont by the expensive stuff this will do just fine. We bought it and have never looked back. It mixes well, its awesome chilled and for us you cant beat the price. I hope it stays that way though because as good cheap Vodka goes it will eventually rise in cost because of demand and we will have to search out another. Cosmo is a girly drink I agree but sometimes we have those girly nights.

  2. Yeah, Joe knows his vodka.

    And in writing this blog I am fortunate to be able to look forward to future Svedka concoctions from him.


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